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Sirius Sattelite Radio - Subscribe to Sirius Radio!

Sirius Sattelite Radio ›› With Sirius Satellite Radio Enjoy Over 120 channels of CD-Quality Radio for Your Home, Car, or Boat

Sirius Sattelite Radio - Subscribe to Sirius Radio!

Unlike with TV, there are just two contenders in the huge battle for satellite radio supremacy. Sirius Sattelite Radio vs XM Sattelite Radio. To find the satellite radio provider that suits you best, Sirius or XM Satellite Radio, you first need to know that there are many more similarities between Sirius and XM than differences.

• Both Sirius Radio and XM have monthly subcription plans and, although each has pre-paid packages, Sirius is the only one currently to offer lifetime (of radio) subscriptions, which works out extremely reasonably. Otherwise, costs per month are very similar.
• Both Sirius Sattelite Radio and XM have portable tuners, which you can easily move from home to car, etc.
• Both Sirius Sattelite Radio and XM have superb, digital-quality sound, although you should buy orginal satellite radio equipment for best sound, as opposed to modifying an existing radio with an FM Modulator
• Sirius Sattelite Radio and XM Sattelite Radio each broadcast throughout the continental United States via their state-of-the-art satellite systems
• Each has 100% commerical-free music channels, and the number of channels and genres is also very similar. Some non-music channels do have a minimal amount of commercials, but nothing to get worked up about. Compared to regular commercial radio they're effectively commercial-free.

At the end of the day, both Sirius Radio and XM Radio offer compelling products at excellent prices, although at this point in time, in our opinion - having tested both - we favor the Sirius Sattelite Radio. The well-designed Sirius Satellite Radios, sleek and stylish to say the least, also help to tip our scale in Sirius's favor.

Sirius not only has the best programming and the best value, the selection of Sirius radios is also beyond compare; here are just a few of the excellent Sirius Sattelite Radio products: We think that when you compare Sirius Sattelite Radio to XM Sattelite Radio, then Sirius has far more stylish satellite radios, although your choice of satellite radio provider should probably depend on more than just good looks!

Sirius Sattelite Radio ›› Buy Direct from Sirius Sattelite Radio Website

Sirius Sattelite Radio has plans and prices to suit everyone. Choose the Sirius subscription plan that's just right for you. All of the Sirius subscriptions come with all that Sirius has to offer - every program, every personality, and every single channel.

You can sign up with Sirius Sattelite Radio a month at a time, a year - or even two years at a time - or, if you're willing to spend just a few dollars more, sign up with Sirius for the lifetime of your radio, and forget about paying any other bills at all. Sirius Radio subscribers can save even more when they activate additional radios, because extra Sirius subscriptions come with superb discounts. Wherever you are, whatever plan you want, Sirius has you covered!

Sirius Sattelite Radio - Subscribe to Sirius Radio!

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