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Sirius Satellite Radio • Sirius offers 100% Commerical Free Music, News Channels, Talk Radio & More

Sirius Satellite Radio ›› With Sirius Satellite Radio Enjoy Over 120 channels of CD-Quality Radio for Your Home, Car, or Boat

Sirius Satellite Radio • Sirius offers 100% Commerical Free Music, News Channels, Talk Radio & More

Amongst all the other very cool Sirius Satellite Radio devices, we're compelled to mention the sleek Sirius home units, which allow you to complete your home entertainment system with the addition of Sirius.

Audiovox Home Receiver - A component styled receiver that integrates with existing audio equipment. Includes six line display, memory and time features, digital and analog audio outputs, remote control and antenna.
Antex Multizone Home SRX-3 - Multi-Zone Receiver that provides separate audio streams and control to three locations in the home or business.
Kenwood Home, DT-7000S - Sirius Home Unit, connects directly to home entertainment systems.

All of the Sirius products truly are exceptionally well designed, and also exceptionally easy to use. A Sirius satellite radio definitely adds a touch of class to any home or car.

Sirius Satellite Radio has plans and prices to suit everyone. Choose the Sirius subscription plan that's just right for you. All of the Sirius subscriptions come with all that Sirius has to offer - every program, every personality, and every single channel.

You can sign up with Sirius Satellite Radio a month at a time, a year - or even two years at a time - or, if you're willing to spend just a few dollars more, sign up with Sirius for the lifetime of your radio, and forget about paying any other bills at all. Sirius Radio subscribers can save even more when they activate additional radios, because extra Sirius subscriptions come with superb discounts. Wherever you are, whatever plan you want, Sirius has you covered!

Sirius Canada ›› Sirius Satellite Radio for Canadian Subscribers

Buying the equipment you need to get Sirius Radio has never been easier. At Sirius Direct, the Sirius online store, you can select one of the pre-configured Sirius packages or create a Sirius satellite package of your own. Either way, you're sure to get everything you need, online, at Sirius Direct

Sirius is constantly adding new features and new satellite radios to its impressive range. One of our favorites is the Sirius JVC KT-SR2000. This sleek, PDA-style Plug & Play unit is user-friendly and compact. With the preset scan, you can get your choice of Sirius channel easily, with the touch of a single button. It's also available with optional home and car kits too.

Sirius Satellite Radio • Sirius offers 100% Commerical Free Music, News Channels, Talk Radio & More

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